Biotechnology session confirmed

Antonio Figueras has confirmed the details of his session on technological advances in studies of the physiology of aquatic invertebrates:

Technological advances in physiological studies of aquatic invertebrates: from culture to the field

Aquaculture is growing in global importance as human populations have an ever increasing demand for  aquatic products. To achieve economically succesful farming of healthy animals with a minimal environmental impact, we need to improve growth rates, feeding efficiency, reproduction and diminish loses caused by disease. Biotechnology can help achieve these results. The development and use of genomic and bioinformatic tools allow the study of different processes that can influence aquaculture. Transcriptomes, microarrays, and  Next  Generation sequencing of entire genomes are now available for almost all species with economic interest. They allow the study of gene expression in mono- or interdisciplinary experiments increasing the knowledge, among other fields, of diseases, immunology, reproduction, growth and development, nutrition and genetics. All of these aspects are pertinent to industrial production processes. What is the next frontier? What will happen when on top of genetically manipulated organisms, genome edited organisms are developed for aquaculture? How will these techniques and this knowledge be  transferred to industrial production?


On the other hand most of this knowledge and these techniques have an application to environmental sciences that might be overlooked. What has been the impact of technological advances on biodiversity, ecology, global change research and policy making?

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